Summer On.

There are countless ways to experience summer. Sun-drenched days. Warm, welcomed nights. That windows down, music up, all-green-lights feeling.

This is the perfect time to take a warm-up lap at your local BMW Center and take advantage of an incredible offer. Test drive any new BMW model and receive a $1,000* allowance when you purchase or lease your next BMW.

Visit any one of the participating BMW Centers to claim this exceptional offer.

Please RSVP by completing the form fields to the right.

List of Participating Dealers:

BMW of Kansas City South: July 17-19
BMW of Akron: July 19-20
BMW of Columbia: July 19-21
BMW of Crystal Lake: July 19-21
Erhard BMW of Bloomfield: July 19-21
Voss Village BMW: July 19-21
Patrick BMW: July 19-21
Erhard BMW of Farmington: July 19-21
Bill Jacobs: July 20
Autohaus BMW of Maplewood: July 20-21
BMW of Dayton: July 20
A & L BMW: July 21-22
BMW of Barrington: July 21
BMW of Traverse City: July 21
BMW of Okemos: July 21
Laurel BMW of PA: July 21
International Autos: July 21
Elmhurst BMW: July 25
BMW of Omaha: July 26-28
Dubuque BMW: July 26
Basney BMW: July 26
BMW of Fort Wayne: July 26
Plaza BMW: July 26-28
BMW of Peoria: July 28
D-Patrick BMW: July 28
BMW of North Liberty: July 28
New Motors BMW: July 28
Isringhausen BMW: July 28
BMW of Bloomington: August 3
BMW of Schererville: August 3-4
The BMW Store: Event Cancelled
Bachrodt BMW: August 4
BMW of Orland Park: August 4 
Kimberly BMW of Davenport: August 11
BMW of Champaign: August 9-11
Sharpe BMW: August 9-11
Park Place BMW: August 11
Fields BMW: August 11
Perillo BMW: August 11
Zeigler BMW of Kalamazoo: August 11
BMW of Wichita: August 11
BMW of Minnetonka: August 11
Laurel BMW of Westmont: August 17
BMW of Westlake: August 18
BMW of Des Moines: August 18
BMW of Ann Arbor: August 16
BMW Cleveland: August 16
BMW of West St. Louis: August 16-18
Cain BMW: August 16-18
Zimbrick BMW: August 16-18
MAG BMW: August 17
Knauz BMW: August 18
Dreyer & Reinbold, North: August 21
Dreyer & Reinbold, South: August 22
BMW of Rochester Hills: August 23
BMW of Milwaukee North: August 24-25
Grand Blanc BMW: August 24, 25 & 27
BMW of Toledo: August 25